Sweet Summer

9th June, 2015

Just peachy

Summer is almost here.  I can hardly believe it.  There’s just something exciting about the summer months– a carefreeness, parks, concerts, street fairs, the relaxed open air, long days, warm nights, beach, sun, sand, wind-in-the-hair and of course, endless fruits.  Peaches and pears, plums, persimmons, pineapples, and of course the watermelons.  And cherries.  Blueberries and strawberries!  Yes, summer is going to be pretty sweet.


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Remember when

7th June, 2014

I love when friends visit.  I’m always promised a divine trip down memory lane, and it’s beautiful because it always involves the fondest memories filled with belly laughs giving us a snug reminder of why we’re friends in the first …

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Health talk

19th May, 2014

{Inspired by my flu and subsequent fever} About your health, it’s not something to take for granted.  To assume that your body is just going to last forever even though you don’t take care of it is a very very …

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Different Threads

4th May, 2014

At first difference can be, at best, off-putting.  It takes some effort to process without judging it against our own standards, norms, preconceived notions.  But what does it look like if difference is just allowed to be, different? The result, if …

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30th April, 2014

It’s so old school—honey!  The bees bring this gem to us and it’s the perfect natural sweetener.  Because it’s so potent and rich you don’t need a lot in your tea or coffee.  A teaspoon or two will do. Aside …

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Smell Lovely

28th April, 2014

When I wear perfume- which isn’t always- I prefer a subtle, soft and gentle scent.  Perfume or no perfume, I like to smell lovely.  Like a potent bouquet of English roses.  Nothing intrusive, alarming or loud.  Nothing going before me …

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Smile baby

25th April, 2014

The world needs more smiles.  It’s true.  More genuine smiles.  It’s amazing how smiling could change a moment, shift a mood, even help adjust an attitude.  I’m talking about the smile with a little hello – kind eyes, teeth or no …

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Q&A: Diet or Exercise

9th March, 2014

Which is MORE important?  Well… for what? Losing weight? It’d be diet!  No wait… exercise.  BOTH.  For getting into shape?  Exxxxercise!!!  And diet too.  BOTH.  For good health?  Ahhh…hmmm… BOTH exercise and diet.  Toning and tightening? Yep… you guessed correctly -BOTH.  Building muscle and …

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Citrus Orange

22nd January, 2014

January is a good time for oranges; they’re in-season and just about everybody has some kind of runny nose and cough.  I particularly love peeling oranges with my hands and then biting into them but I reserve that for all locations …

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Le Card

21st January, 2014

There’s something beautiful about the soft hug of a thank you card.  It lingers long after the moment you receive it, long after you realize how much you’re appreciated, long after forget but are reminded of the thank you card …

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