Curly Girl: The Beginning

1st August, 2013

I look around and everywhere I can see more and more women going natural.  Natural hair. The girls are just letting their hair grow out.  NATURALLY!


Curls… BIG curls! tiny curls! Coily curls… and then they’re the

WAVES… and



KINKS… and

it goes on and on.  And it’s so wonderful to see.  The freedom to just look like yourself. Authentic.

An original.

Which reminds me – REWIND Park Slope, Brooklyn – The time when my hair caused me to change neighborhoods.  Kind of a melodramatic statement.  I know.  I know!  But it’s true.  Yes… Hair!!!!  It’s a big big deal for women {and men}.  It’s just that powerful.  Think about when girls go through changes like uhhhhmmmm… {breakups} the first thing they often think about changing is their HAIR.  The color.  The cut.  Extra gel.  A Dominican blowout.  A Keratin treatment all the way from Brazil.  And some special Japanese straightening.  It’s powerful.  When I first decided to grow my hair out it went something like this…

It all began in my girlhood as a fighting effort to make getting ready for school easier.  My hair was thick and unruly, and the care free look was simply unacceptable and non permissible with school uniforms.  Plus I had to put a ribbon in my hair, somewhere.  In an effort to stop my morning squealing all parties agreed to straighten my strands.  I can’t remember anyone mentioning that I had to keep doing this every two to three months.



So, my early 20s find me somewhere between my once rebelliously low-maintenance ways and partial laziness I was waayyyy overdue for a “perm” (USA) or a “straighten” (everywhere else in the world).  All of sudden my hair’s texture at the root was different, kind of wavy, kind of curly.  And I thought…


What if I…

Leave it longer, and let it grow out!  Would it all come out curly?  Wavy?  Maybe…?!

I dunno.  Ok.  I’ll try it.  And whaddayaknow?

My strands started bobbing and weaving and doing their own thing.  It started curling up in some parts.  It was twisting in other parts.  I could tell this wasn’t an overnight package.  Some kink!  It was doing all sorts of creative – abstract – artistic stuff.  It was a mixture of interesting.  Two parts exciting; one part scary.  And whole lot of “You mean to tell me this whole time…?”  At the time there weren’t many girls growing natural, and I didn’t know how to take care of it or style it or anything.  So I found a neighborhood that seemed to have an any-kind-of-hair-goes culture, and moved.  Because on any given day I was most likely having a bad hair day.  I can’t count the endless bad hair days I’ve endured.  Day after day… after day after day… but in it all while my hair was growing, I was growing.  Growing up.  I learned to fight off the spirit of frustration and replace it with patience.  This was clearly not a sprint, I realized I was running a marathon, of discovering what the Lord God has blessed me with… my own hair.  I waited because I knew that something bigger was happening in my soul (mind-emotions-will).  A deep acceptance of ‘self,’ a true representation and emergence of who I was made to look like.


Fast forward to present day, it’s a curly world!  Defined by the Creator.



  1. Linda Solomon says:

    Beautiful site D, very informative and vibrant. Very well thought out, will definitely share. Good Job !!!!!

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