All the berries

6th August, 2013

Strawberries!  Raspberries!! Blueberries!!! Blackberries!!!! These are the usual suspects on my plate- the bad boys of the berry club.  I was zooming through Downtown LA when I saw these beauties just hanging out at Mando’s vendor stand at a Farmer’s market, off Spring Street.  I pulled over. I had to.  I started sampling them like it was my first time tasting berries.  And because of a ravenous sweet tooth it’s easy to think that blueberries and blackberries are my favorite.


Having only enough space in my backpack to fit a pebble- you know, with a camera/a change of clothes/a book {cause I may need to pull over for a good read}/a bike lock/a bottle of water – I couldn’t resist buying a few boxes of berries if not just for the massive antioxidant benefits.  The Fiber! The Folate!  The tons and tons of disease fighting, free radical protecting, anti-aging defense power that these tiny friends yield, is unparalleled.  They pack some serious punch, like little health ninjas.  Seriously.


It was the mesmerizing display that got me.  I bought more than I could carry and ended up in a circus act when Mando, the berry farmer, allowed me to photograph his beauties.  In between balancing my bicycle, my sunglasses, my camera, my backpack, my helmet and dodging the big dog coming my way well… Uhhhh somebody hold this please …  But gosh the display was soooo captivating that at one point a tiny toddler girl, who couldn’t help herself – in under two seconds –  ran up to the stand, grabbed a berry, stuck it in her mouth, and ran away.  She was wearing pink.  I-witnessed-a-crime.  Mando and I, just smiled.


Blueberries are loaded with extra antioxidants but that’s not why I toss waaayy too many in my breakfast oatmeal.  Nooope, it’s because they make everything better.  Raspberries have anthocyanins, which keep the blood sugar levels nice and even!  Blackberries – think good strong healthy hair.  And who doesn’t want that? Strawberries sealed in a ziplock bag- for a few hours, let’s say by the time you get to work, are unbelievably…

I have no words.


All the berries, have a special place in my heart.  Especially at breakfast, or in bland yogurt, or these days just as a snack particularly around… saayyy… 2 o’clock in the afternoon!

So when you see berries…

Pull over.   You just have to.


  1. Jodi says:

    So far…my favorite post. On to the next…:D

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