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Fancy eggs

Sometimes we need to not overthink cooking, especially when we’re a bit exhausted.  The other day I got home and needed to wind down for a bit, eat something before heading out the door again.   I quickly but gently …

Curly Girl: The Beginning

I look around and everywhere I can see more and more women going natural.  Natural hair. The girls are just letting their hair grow out.  NATURALLY! Yesssssssssssss!!! Curls… BIG curls! tiny curls! Coily curls… and then they’re the WAVES… and …

Freaking awesome outdoor-workout spots

Driving to Diamond Bar from Los Angeles is quite the picturesque daydreaming experience   =  Landscapes and landscapes some of the tallest mountains stretched out for miles far yonder…  As the fluffy cloud formations playful tell the story of my… …

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