17th September, 2013

It was Julia.  Julia Child, who introduced me to butter.  Well maybe not, it was my mom who first asked me to whip butter into some cake mix or somethin’.  See?…I can’t even remember.  But it was Julia who first painted the wonderfully romantic mental picture of butter; she took me to France, and even to class.  It’s like I had never had butter before. That movie!   Julie and Julia, caused a cooking frenzy in my home.  Five minutes in–I’d fallen in love with cooking, suddenly I’d realized how terribly bland my cooking had been… and how starved my palette was for the richness of butter, boeuf bourguignon,  crêpes and …

But butter!  I know what you’re thinking… the fat.  I know I know.  Believe me, I know.  But here’s the thing {my take on the world of food}— I don’t want to go through life anymore without a little butter on my bread.  Follow Tuesdays around here and you’ll see that health is the number one ingredient in every dish.  But there’s no logical, reasonable way to skip the flavor.  Righttt?

And I’ve come to realize, like Julie who gained a few extra around the middle and thighs, that a little goes a long way on the flavor front.  There’s no need for gobbles and gobbles of it a simple light coating of the pan to sauté onions can take you from amateur cook to at least a guest at Gordon Ramsey’s Thanksgiving table, in thirty seconds–flat.

Butter is the best thing you will ever have on warm Italian bread:_ you forget where you are, you will not remember your name and you’re even happier that you’ve planned your pleasure and your pain.

A little bit.


Go easy.  Moderation.



Photography by Dimitra D’Aguiar

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