Citrus Orange

22nd January, 2014

January is a good time for oranges; they’re in-season and just about everybody has some kind of runny nose and cough.  I particularly love peeling oranges with my hands and then biting into them but I reserve that for all locations that tolerate orange pulp smeared all over my face with the juice running down my hands.  It’s messy but there’s something unpretentious about eating fruit like an animal.  It’s natural and I love that.  Slightly animalistic.

If you’re not camping out under a tree but instead spread out on a beach chair somewhere or maybe even at a party… orange juice is a great choice.  It’s a must at breakfast, isn’t it?  I grew up having fresh squeezed orange juice in the mornings, my parents would squeeze the oranges by hand, lots of them.  The process looked so stressful on the fingers but then they bought a juicer.  Not the automated ones we can’t live without today I’m talking about the most prehistoric-manual-single process device that requires your entire core to be involved– although, it did take the pressure of their fingers!

I digress but…


Orange juice, with pulp is where things get dicey.  I know some people don’t like the pulp but that’s a good indication of the real deal.  Fresh oranges!  The bottled orange juice tends to be too sweet, too perfect tasting.  Oranges picked from the tree (not made in some mad scientist’s mom’s basement lab) are all different: some sweet like candy, some unbearably bitter.  And I have to say that I’ve never ever seen oranges grow like they do in California.  Sometimes there are more oranges on a single tree than there are leaves.  Abundant!  Bountiful!  Beautiful!



I think it’s a great addition to any party, the cheerful-bright colors add to just about any decor and the best part is that it’s a good way to increase everyone’s Vitamin C intake.  A hostess should think of all these things right?!!!!

And if you’re wondering…

I ate all these oranges after this shoot.  And drank all the juice too.  But we won’t go into detail about that.  I’ll just say… I haven’t coughed once all winter.

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