Cod Pods

11th September, 2013

As a little girl my parents insisted that my brother and I take cod liver oil capsules.  We didn’t love them because they were oily and smelled like fish, but was some sort of vitamin –so we swallowed them.  Well, we really had no choice. 

Today, as an adult, they don’t smell like fish anymore and I choose to take them.  In fact I have to keep reminding myself that they’re not gummy bears, and like with gummy bears I must monitor my intake.

But more than that though is that as an adult I can understand–respect and appreciate– what I think my parents knew back then: the benefits!

cod liver oil

In the world according to me, the best way to approach healthy eating is to focus on the benefits, every single one of them.  Cod liver oils the nutritional benefit from the Omega 3 oil is what you’d get from eating fatty fish like salmon, halibut, trout, mackarel or sardines.

And Omega 3 aids the joints, helps reduce inflammation, contains a hefty dose of Vitamins A and D, is used to lower blood pressure and high cholesterol, also used in the healing of glaucoma and cancers.  You can check out the endless benefits here, here and here.

 Oh and it also minimizes wrinkles and makes the skin pretty.




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