Curly Girl: Lesson in Waiting

16th August, 2013

One of the gifts you unwrap when you decide to grow natural is the uncanny ability to be patient.  You get an idea of what it means to wait. Curls can take a while to grow out.  Arrrghhhhh….

A lot of months.   Whaaaaaaaaaaaaatttt????

Years.  Tell me you’re joking….

Thousands of days.  You’re serious.  Aren’t you?  Ohhhh  myyy g…

But wait, waaaaait…

Hold up.  Hold up beautiful.

There’s much more in it for you than you know, much more than some long painful waiting period.   You, literally grow as your hair grows.  You grow through that “awkward stage,” sort of like those early teenage years when you’re figuring out how to deal with a changing body and pimples, jumbled with thoughts and feelings.  Your perception; their perception.  With curly hair it’s a bit different because you grow through this stage, minus the pimples, with a new comfort and acceptance of who you were truly made to look like, yourself.  It’s almost like you’ve been hidden the whole time.   There’s so much you get during your wait that you realize it’s soooooo worth it.

I remember when my curls started to come in and t

Well let’s back up for bit


Before my curls came in there was a lot of fuzz, a lot of new growth that mixed with the old previously permed {fried} hair, some hair grew to the left and was very course, some to the right and was wavy, some straight up and curly.  I was still figuring out how to keep it together os People looked at me curiously, some actually asked me curiously, and some well… some pretended to not be curious.  And then, there were those few who…

Those few who just see you, for you.  Not your hair, not your clothes, not what you do for a living, not who you know, not where you live, not your accent {ok, well maybe a little bit}, but for those idiosyncratic qualities that only you possess.  The honest you.

When you’re honest, there’s nothing else.  It’s so pure, it’s so simple, it just… IS!

Something radically deeper occurs, a transition, a truth.  And, it’s absolutely beautiful.


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