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24th December, 2013

The impossible happened.  My very first Do It Yourself.  And it’s a part of my single life journey which turned out to be the blessing I was for-ever avoiding.  But I’m glad that I’ve embraced it because then things like this happen.  It turns out that DIYs can be the most thoughtful gifts, they are sooo involved and get your creative juices flowing.

This one is a lemon lavender hand scrub, and by switching out the oil you can make it a foot scrub or even a body scrub.   Your preference!

To begin you’ll need a couple of things:

lemon scrub ingredients

Grapefruit Oil (keeps the citrus theme and it’s not “oily” or “greasy” but great on the hands)


Sea Salt (I used Mortons, I like that it’s even and not clumpy.  Depending on how many bottles you’re making you’ll need to keep adding sea salt.  I made 15 little bottles and used about 5 sea salt containers.)


Lemon (1 lemon, and a zester to add the finely peeled skin to the mix.  Zesting is fun, and adds a refreshing citrus smell and benefits of lemon without chunks.)

lemon zest

Lavender (of course!)  Add a 10 drops of lavender oil and the scrub solution is done.

Cute Jars (must be cute!)

glass bottles

And now, for the gifting you’ll need: Ribbon, cardstock, glue and a hole puncher.  Print or handwrite your greetings.

gift it

You can do simple designs with a hole punch or get fancy with one of those shape-cut-out-thingamajiggies.

name tag

Done and done!


It makes a great gift for girlfriends just because or for the gals in your family during the holidays.  Yes yes I know my bow is upside down… but it’s my first one.  Thousands more to come.

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