Garlic: a love story

13th November, 2013

Get ready!

Because it’s my goal to help you fall in-love with, garlic.

garlic on a string

Yessss.  Garlic!  It’s probably one of the world’s healthiest foods.  No exaggeration!  Garlic’s medicinal purposes are endless, and I mean endlesssss –It’ll blow you away.  As for its flavoring capabilities — it’s uncanny, unparrelled.  Legendary, even.  Cooking with garlic could easily turn you into the winning contestant on Master Chef, it’ll fix every bland dish you ever encounter, and it’s the one thing that’ll make your Thanksgiving dinner a fan favorite.  All it takes are a few cloves finely chopped and tossed into the pot!

A little back story —  garlic is part of the allium family, first cousin to the onion and leeks.  The hair-like roots resemble a bulb which kinda sorta makes it look like a flower (a lily!) with a pinkish purple-ish hue, which by the way is my favorite color, at the moment.  Fun fact: it’s referred to as the stinking rose!  Awwhhh…



Here’s the part when I tell you about when I was a little girl and first made contact with garlic.  Short story.  It was– my mom.  She cooked every single thing we ate with garlic.  Everything.  All-the- time.  And you know what that means right?  It made her the best cook in town.  She could do it all, curry chicken, stews beef, soups, baked chicken, fried rice, chowmein, shrimp, fish, steaks… Ohhhh my gooodness, everything was so…mouthwatering!

Now that I’m the one cooking, there’s no way I start preparing food without first making sure there’s garlic in the pantry.  And I mean it… No garlic = No cooking.  My kitchen is not open for business.  Sorry, there’s just no point.

Okay okay,  I know I know… a little dramatic…


Alright… so it’s hard to tell you about the medicinal purposes of garlic without sounding like a med student.  I find it a little unbelievable myself, the many healing properties it contains.  Garlic works as a natural antibiotic, and lays claim to clearing up acne, boosting the immune system, curing the common cold, relieving psoriasis and even reducing hair loss.

And if all that isn’t a tall order garlic is on the other end of the spectrum being suggested for the treatment of certain cancers, reduction of blood pressure, lowering of bad version of cholesterol, and a host of other major illnesses.  Apparently it’s the sulfur compound, allicin that does a lot of the work.  When you consider all that garlic can do it pales in comparison to having garlic breath… not so bad afterall?!


Hold on, hold on… this is just part one of this love story.  It’s a courtship.  In the meantime, you can check out other food stories here, over here and here also.

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