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21st January, 2014

There’s something beautiful about the soft hug of a thank you card.  It lingers long after the moment you receive it, long after you realize how much you’re appreciated, long after forget but are reminded of the thank you card you sent.  And I’m really not getting all Hallmark on you but really, the idea of sending and receiving cards is quickly becoming a lost art.  I miss it — Pen and Paper.  Don’t you?

Suuure these days it’s pretty nice to be able to instantaneously send messages, even fancy personalized animated e-cards that simulate fairytale endings. But gosh, there’s just something ahhh… different, and special about holding onto a simple piece of paper.  Felt, read from front to back, thoughtfully selected for the occasion, and then smeared ink as evidence of the most precious sloppy handwriting or pristine calligraphic stroke.  It’s like hearing a voice on the phone (circa 2014) instead of texting.  Almost even like spending time together chatting over dinner, without texting.  Again (circa 2014) and yeah I know… soooo oldschool!


These beautiful cards make me think of Paris.  They’re chic and classy, and always good to have on hand.  They’re blank on the inside so you can make them work for any occasion: birthday card, thank you card, and my favorite… the just because card– to let someone know they’re wonderful on a random Tuesday afternoon.  These gorgeous illustrations are done by famed illustrator Nancy Riegelman and you can pick up the box of 8 cards and envelopes here.

There’s just something pretty foxy about taking your pet alligator for a walk!


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