Persimmons in the city

30th October, 2013

Persimmons could be considered my favorite fruit.  On a scale of 1 to 10 they’re a strong 9.  Okay… let’s say 8 and a half, right alongside watermelons and just below that one point for fruit I’ve yet to discover!  My love affair with persimmons began a year ago, it was a fall afternoon when I sauntered through local grocery store and saw this interesting looking… is it fruit or vegetable?  Looks like a pumpkin had a baby with an apple.  It was the striking orange color that I found intriguing so naturally I bought one…


And immediately…  I was there.  A happy place between savory and sweet.  I just remember how happy my taste buds were, how I could hardly finish chewing before biting into the persimmon again.  And just like that the fuyu persimmon had become my favorite fruit.  That was last year.

So you can’t even imagine how I expectant I was for them to return this fall.  Well… to my surprise there was a new sheriff in town, the hachiya persimmon.  I had no idea it even existed, and when a friend shared a bag full of them with me, it was like Christmas in October until…


I took the first bite.  And all of a sudden I had the worst flashback — taking medicine as a child.  The MOST bitter, chalky, sticky, weird… Is this what poison tastes like? experience!  Ever.  I wasn’t sure it was a persimmon– shaped like an acorn, darker orange and much softer (when ripe!).  But when ripe, it’s sooo good too.  It’s sweeter.  Lick your fingers sweeter but do yourself a favor only bite into it when it’s mushy soft, and I mean mushy.  Don’t be fooled by the gorgeous orange, it’s not ripe until it’s mush.


What’s great about the persimmon is that it travels well so it’s the perfect afternoon snack, and because it’s grown out of the ground there are no preservatives to worry about.  Either kind tastes sweet and satiable but the fuyu is still my favorite… No matter how hard it is, how small, or how light or dark the orange color… I’ve never had a bad one.  It is absolute perfection.


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