Q&A: Diet or Exercise

9th March, 2014

Which is MORE important?  Well… for what? Losing weight? It’d be diet!  No wait… exercise.  BOTH.  For getting into shape?  Exxxxercise!!!  And diet too.  BOTH.  For good health?  Ahhh…hmmm… BOTH exercise and diet.  Toning and tightening? Yep… you guessed correctly -BOTH.  Building muscle and losing fat?  Ladies and gentlemen behind door number 3 you will find diet and you will find exercise… yes both of them.  BOTH.

After all there’s really no sound reason to go on an 8 mile run and then try to replenish with a slice of deep dish pizza chased with a glass of cream soda.  Is there?  And I know you might think tossing a few veggies on top of that slice makes it “healthy” but ahhhhh… it doesn’t.  Nope.  Not even a little.  And a great diet with no exercise… well… it’s like changing the oil in car often without ever driving it.  On the other hand, a wonky lopsided diet makes the hard work and discipline of exercise… futile.  It just slows the progress so you’ll take unnecessarily longer to get to your goal.

Here’s the thing…

Our bodies need both.  We need to fuel up with good healthy food that’s nutritionally balanced.  That means eating enough protein, the right kind of carbs, a dose of good fats, all vitamins and minerals, and of course the star of the show: water.  In addition to good nutrition we need movement, we were made to move, fingers-toes-knees and nose.  There are so many benefits that come from exercising that to not move, to avoid exercise is to deprive ourselves from operating at our absolute best.  Why the heck would we not want to do that… riiight?

Together -diet and exercise- do wonders for the body. You’re sharper from all the good food nutrients, your strength is almost gladiator-like, you’ll have a vibrance and vitality that’s a certain je ne sais quoi.  It’s like you’re practically slowing down the aging process and extending your days.  And extending your days beautifully might I add because it’s undeniable just how amazing you look and feel.

So do yourself a favor and do both… exercise and a good diet!


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