Set apart

3rd December, 2013

One of my absolute favorite books in the Bible is Esther.  The story of Esther is one of faith, strong faith.  Believing and trusting God without seeing.  It’s knowing Him, and knowing that He’s in with you and when it gets tough, when your nose is to the ground, and you’re afraid… He’s right there– with you.

And that…

That perhaps, just perhaps,  being stripped of possessions and, existing in the solitude of your own shadow or even in the sharp quietness of worldly crowds…  Perhaps these times times of trouble that try to tear us apart, the struggle.  The struggle that seems, painfully endless.  Perhaps they serve to develop our character, to build the foundation and deepen the roots of our faith.  Perhaps these are the very times that carry the greatest legendary lessons.

Lessons of love, lessons on humility, on gentleness.  Lessons on being faithful.  Lessons on forgiveness.   Lessons on faith.

Lessons that ultimately glorify our Lord God.


Perhaps, just perhaps, like Esther–this is your grooming process, like the season of beauty treatments she endured before she could even visit with the King.  And we see her step out in faith even though it could have cost her, her life.  But Esther knew she wasn’t alone, she knew who her God was, and she trusted Him, and she prayed, and fasted. Her move was in faith of God’s faithfulness, and He caused her to have favor…

And perhaps, juuuust perhaps… like Esther, you are being set apart… for such a time as this.

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