Smile baby

25th April, 2014

The world needs more smiles.  It’s true.  More genuine smiles.  It’s amazing how smiling could change a moment, shift a mood, even help adjust an attitude.  I’m talking about the smile with a little hello — kind eyes, teeth or no teeth and lots of cheeks.  It’s the one that says “Hi there, I see you, you’re not invisible.”  Or the one that reads “You’re lovely and I hope you have the nicest day.” Perhaps your smile invites, “Feel free to ask me for help.”

Have you noticed how contagious it is?  Oh man it’s unbelievable how people respond when you smile at them; they smile back.  Most of the time.  I mean there’s always the exception, but I chalk it up to the muscles in that person’s face not responding fast enough,  you know.

Try it right now.  Smile!  Right now, right where you are.  Yes, do you feel it?  A softness, a warmth, maybe even a little chuckle, a happy heart feeling…

Come on…it can’t just be me.

Let’s smile more.  Ok? Intentionally!

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