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5th December, 2013

When one starts to cook with spices one clearly knows what one is doing.

I, on the other hand, am not sure I fully know what to do with these spices.  In a “Master Chef” kind of way.  Buuut I know that cooking with them adds great health benefits that keep our bodies strong, looking young and our minds sharp.  Not to mention that they’re particularly known within the Indian and Spanish cultures for adding an exotic mouthwatering flavor to food.


The colors are so refreshingly vibrant, and the smells are rich.   Tumeric is often used in curry dishes and I hear that it gives mustard its yellow color.  It’s got a peppery flavor, a very earthy tone so it’s really good for making soups and sauces.  The high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antiarthritis properties are A-okay in my book.  Paprika, I use more often, sprinkled on boiled eggs. Its smoky flavor is perfect for any paella or used as a seasoning rub on meats and even BBQ.  But it’s the smell of cumin that blows me away.  Perfect for adding rich flavor for rich tasting food.  Think Mexican food: enchiladas! tacos! chowders! stews! chili!


I’m going to be cooking with these more and sharing the recipes here on the blog.  There’s just too much to benefit from and using spices is also great way to avoid using too much salt, thus controlling sodium intake.  Add a bit of garlic and what you’ve got is Flavor-Flavor-Flavor…  And you’ll realize that just a spoon full of it makes the medicine go down… in the most delightful way!



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