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25th September, 2013

This should be interesting.  In full disclosure I must let you know that– I’m a tea kind of gal.  I’ll open with that, and aim to be as unbiased as possible.  My first contact with coffee was, of course, as a child–  I remember my dad buying the raw cocoa sticks from his coffee connoisseur friend.  He’d bring all kinds of flavors for dad to choose from and all they’d talk about was the richness of the coffee and the flavor, the smell.  Thaaat smell!  Ohhh my it’s more like an aroma, a freshness.  The most get- you- out- the-bed awakening scent in the morning.  It was about the experience–a good time between friends.  An occasion of some sort.

Coffee mix

When I first moved to America one of the first things I wanted to try was this cappuccino thing I kept hearing about.  It sounded so sophisticated and pretty.  The foamy leaf image in the cup — wellll… I’d never seen that before and…  How’d they…

Today I’m drawn to coffee shops by the mere aroma, and although it can be so seducing I find it easy to resist because for me coffee is quite bitter.  And the after-effect, that dry taste in the mouth right after…  Uhhhh… it’s not my cup of tea.

But every now and then, I color outside the lines and order a cappuccino, which is often too overpriced for a third liquid, and two thirds foam.  What’s that about?  And for those few seconds– I’m both happy and curious about my order.


From a health standpoint– I know people are constantly debating the pros and cons of whether coffee is ‘good for you’ or ‘healthy.’  And there are definite healthy elements in coffee beans: a strong level of antioxidants, a promise of increased alertness, and claims of keeping dementia and cancer at bay .  When it comes to health, in the true sense of the word, I raise an eyebrow to the over indulgence of anything that encourages dependency or addiction.  A loss of control or inability to function without it, are often symptoms of something deeper that should be addressed.

On lighter note…

What about for dates though?  Is that what people do these days?  Meet over coffee instead of drinks?  Recently, I accepted an invitation to coffee, with a wonderful gentleman.  It was interesting for me because it seemed like a very Parisian thing to do– to sit and savor, and talk over coffee.  Well it wasn’t a date.  Or was it?  It was more like a coffee situational meeting right in the heart of good old Los Angeles.

And I completely enjoyed… the aroma.

coffee cups

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