{the breakup} Let Go of Fear

1st September, 2015

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.” – proverb

This “quote”was on a fortune cookie back in the day when I used to depend on some random person to write me some direction and give me some hope in the form of chinese food/ fortune cookie.  Praise God that He delivered me from those days.

Let’s talk about fear.

The Bible says that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love and a sound mind. 2Timothy 1:7

So let’s start with that… Elimate the fear!

Being afraid is a stronghold.  A warp thought pattern that you can’t…
because you’re not strong enough
because it won’t work out
because you’re not good enough
because you’re not tall enough, or thin enough, or smart enough
because you’re grew up like this
because this happened to you
because that never happened to you

Just imagine if these people were afraid:
Daniel in the Lion’s Den {Some of us can’t even think of being confronted by a dog… much less a pride of lions in an enclosed den.}

David & Goliath {the Goliath in your life might not be a big tall giant human being but it might be that attitude that keeps you friendless and unlikeable, it might be xyz}

Michael Jordan {imagine if after Michael was cut from the high school basketball team that he just decided to say, “To heck with this basketball nonsense.”  Then he proceeded to march home and park himself on the couch and watch television, drop out of school and get into trouble for the rest of his life.  I’m sure that at some point the thought entered his mind (the enemy) that try to make him second guess himself or question his worth.  Seriously… take a minute and imagine that.

Rosa Parks {could you think of how afraid this woman might have been, I mean she must have been shaking in her boots and sweating bullets when she decided that she was not going to be controlled any longer.}

Alexander Graham Bell {Alexander must have been looking like a fool with every attempt he made to invent the telephone.  Could you picture him with two cups and a string, talking about long distance communication?!  He might have felt a bit nervous that he’d be made fun of and scoffed at.  He probably was, but if he had stopped or didn’t try at all you might not have your smart phone.}

So it’s safe to say that these humans might have experienced some nervousness and were fed thoughts of fear but they hung in there, they acted in faith because they believed they could.   The Bible says For we walk by faith not by sight. 2Cor5:7  They believed without seeing. They believed before they saw the fruits of their labor, and many of them didn’t have a prototype to follow {like much that we attempt to do every day}, they didn’t have examples but they knew in their spirit that they had to stand through the hard stuff, knowing fully well that it wouldn’t be easy.

I encourage you to step out even if you are shaking in your boots, even if you were rejected, even if you think you can’t.  Your faith should not lie in your abilities but it should rest in the Lord.  I love the way Joyce Meyer puts it, “Do it Afraid.” Let go of the fear of … , do what you can, and trust in Him that He will meet you right where you are.

So to amend the proverb above, I say… “Be not afraid of growing slowly but be watchful that you are not standing still in fear.”

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