The one

19th November, 2013

They say you find the one when you’re not looking.  I’m not sure who “they” are but, they were right.  I wasn’t looking and there it was, the one.  It!  THE mascara of mascaras, Blackout by Dior.  It was on a trip through Sephora to sample some primers when the makeup artist helping me demonstrated the stroke of the brush.  Not sure how we got from primers to mascaras but next thing you know there I was swiping my lashes  …

finding the one

What I really like is the brush, it just picks up the right amount of kohl formula, and the wiper on the inside of the bottle evenly distributes the formula onto the bristles.  No extra goo anywhere.  The result?  Twiggy!!!  The eyes open up, bright, bold, beautiful.  Each lash perfectly highlighted and introducing your eyes to the world.   It’s thick, black-black, lengthens, volumizes, separates and causes the lashes to curl up “naturally” even without using an eyelash curler.  Any guy reading this is probably lost, but ladies you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Did you know that cosmetic companies patent their brushes?  Ahhh yeah…the brush… it’s a pretty big deal!

the brush

Anyhow I’m doing the happy dance now that I’ve found the one.  Now I’d better go buy two before they discontinue it.

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