The Reason

24th December, 2013

The holiday season always swoops in and descends upon us with beautiful hues of red and gold, ornately decorated Christmas trees, flashy light displays and the anticipation of bundles of presents from loved ones.  But for many there will be no Christmas morning breakfast with the family, no ripping open elaborate presents, there will not be eggnog on tap nor cider for that matter.  With December 25th less than forty eight hours away I know how many people are knee deep in stress, searching for the perfect gifts for all fifty members of their extended family.  And for many others this season’s boisterous reminder of absent family members is beyond heartbreaking.

But really and truly…

The reason for this season is to remember the birth of Christ.  It is to remember why He came, that we might have life, and enjoy it to the fullest.  He is the redeemer.  He brings reconciliation.  He brings healing.  He brings restoration.  He showed us how to live– demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit — love, joy, patience, peace, faithfulness, humility, goodness, kindness and self control.

So while that bottle of perfume smells unbelievably good or that cashmere sweater works so well with boyfriend jeans it’s not going to matter in T minus 25hours.  Those jeans, that sweater, that bag will not mend a broken heart.  They will not even start the conversation that reconciles a family and they have no power to restore a lost person.  Christ does.  All that.  Easy.

So celebrate– the hope that His birth brought–It is Christmas!

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