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Different Threads

At first difference can be, at best, off-putting.  It takes some effort to process without judging it against our own standards, norms, preconceived notions.  But what does it look like if difference is just allowed to be, different? The result, if …

Smell Lovely

When I wear perfume- which isn’t always- I prefer a subtle, soft and gentle scent.  Perfume or no perfume, I like to smell lovely.  Like a potent bouquet of English roses.  Nothing intrusive, alarming or loud.  Nothing going before me …

Le Card

There’s something beautiful about the soft hug of a thank you card.  It lingers long after the moment you receive it, long after you realize how much you’re appreciated, long after forget but are reminded of the thank you card …

The one

They say you find the one when you’re not looking.  I’m not sure who “they” are but, they were right.  I wasn’t looking and there it was, the one.  It!  THE mascara of mascaras, Blackout by Dior.  It was on …

Great and Unique

He made each of us unique – there’s something different, peculiar- if you will; something special about how God made each of us.  A specific set of talents-imprinted on our hearts, felt in our spirits- that must be realized and …

Little Friday Film 4

You know at times the world around us can seem so cold, so painfully callous and cut throat calculating but then little films like this come along and just remind us of the powerful impact of any one person’s kindness …

Little Friday Film 3

Two things. Beauty.  And Dove. Yessss Dove the soap that’s been around forever.  This film is particularly special to me because not only do I love the message of beauty portrayed by Dove but I also am an avid user …

What’s Beautiful. Eight

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What’s Beautiful. Seven

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What’s beautiful. Six

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