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Resolving to be better

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{the breakup} Let Go of Fear

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be only afraid of standing still.” – proverb This “quote”was on a fortune cookie back in the day when I used to depend on some random person to write me some direction and give …

Different Threads

At first difference can be, at best, off-putting.  It takes some effort to process without judging it against our own standards, norms, preconceived notions.  But what does it look like if difference is just allowed to be, different? The result, if …

Newness for 2014

The truth is that we can resolve to do all sorts of things on January 1st, but the true NEW you comes only from being in Christ — and that happens when you decide– on any day of the year. …

The Reason

The holiday season always swoops in and descends upon us with beautiful hues of red and gold, ornately decorated Christmas trees, flashy light displays and the anticipation of bundles of presents from loved ones.  But for many there will be …

Come as you are

We live in such a complexed world system where being the ultimate multi-hyphenate is  revered, often required.  Being the best-this, and the most-that, being able to do it all… at superhuman levels… perfectly. And it’s often only a matter of time, a …

Set apart

One of my absolute favorite books in the Bible is Esther.  The story of Esther is one of faith, strong faith.  Believing and trusting God without seeing.  It’s knowing Him, and knowing that He’s in with you and when it …

Beauty for Ashes

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Position of Power

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Letting go

It can be the hardest thing to do but ohhh — so necessary.  It might be an old situation, a tormenting thought, a family member, destructive behavior, sometimes a close friend.  So painful but so necessary.  And letting it go, …

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