No luck needed

1st August, 2013

Going for it is not to be confused with desperately risking which hinges off fear.  Nor is it over-analyzing into complexed confusion.  It’s not taking a chance.  Nope.  It’s more like making a choice to walk in faith.  It’s when you get a check in your spirit, a still small voice on the inside of you that encourages you to step out…

In faith… Send in that application.  Fill out those forms.  Apply for that new opening at work.  Go to college.  Ask her out.  Start that business.  Backpack across Europe.  Try Zumba class.  Sign up for sewing class.  Write that letter.  Do the summer study abroad program in India.  Go to Japan with only $200. in your bank account.  Take that vacation in Aspen.  Ask for help.  Move to Manhattan.  Call mom.  Take the first step toward the career you were born for.  Believe. Trust.  Go for it!

Often it doesn’t seem to make sense.  And it doesn’t have to because you just kind of knowfaith!

No luck needed.


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