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1st August, 2013

Driving to Diamond Bar from Los Angeles is quite the picturesque daydreaming experience   =  Landscapes and landscapes some of the tallest mountains stretched out for miles far yonder…  As the fluffy cloud formations playful tell the story of my…

I literally have to get my head out of the clouds when I head out there.  This particular trail was filled with tons of little rabbits everywhere.  Perfect for a long morning run or an afternoon hike with family.


San Francisco, CA

Hills are my favorite!  They work wonders for shaping the legs while keeping the heart rate high enough to torch any extra cupcakes sitting on the upper thighs.  With any hill run- Abs are included!  My preference: quick sprints up with a nice easy descend.  Just watch out for dog poop.  Especially in that park in New York.

Malibu, CA

Sand running.  Like my dad would say, “This is not for jokers.”  Huffing and puffing, and a great cardio workout- there goes the cellulite!  But aside from that the peaceful scenery at the beach is so refreshing.  And the run is easy on the knees with some nice toning for the legs.  Oh, and abs!  Yes, yes.   Find some sand.  I should really make a date with the beach for some of this very soon.

Lake Arrowhead, CA

Stairs!  But first…Lake Arrowhead in April resembles New York’s nine month winters.   I was stunned that it even snowed in California, and because I wasn’t digging my car out from under an Avalanche in below zero temperatures, this might have been my first time actually enjoying being snowed in.  Anyway… Stairs!  Stairs are one of the lower body’s favorite playgrounds.  And abs!  Run up fast, skip a step, lunge upward, skip two steps, sprint!

All my favorites!

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