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24th August, 2013

There’s more than one road to getting fit and maintaining results.  What’s great about the time we live in is that the options are endless: Spinning, Tae Bo, Bootcamp class, Running, Pilates, Personal Training, Basketball, Boxing, Soccer, Swimming, Hiking, Biking, Tennis, Pure Barre, Turbo Kick, Zumba etc. etc. etc. etc. etc…

My approach is to keep an open mind and try ’em all.  Sticking to only one kind of workout can be quite limiting, and over time causes muscle overuse which can leave the door wide open for injury.  Not to mention a serious case of boredom.

Years ago I’d spend the majority of my workout lifting weights in the gym, which of course has its benefits – allowing me to really work on strengthening weak areas and building enough muscle to lean out nicely.   But I would have benefited from a little more variety in my overall program by perhaps taking ballet class to isolate my legs in another way or dancing through a Zumba class.  Swimming could have been another groundbreaking solution to addressing the scarcity of cardio in my life, while easily sculpting Michelle Obama arms.

A workout program that combines different disciplines allows the body to be used in multiple planes of motion- different movements with different kinds of resistance and different rates of exertion.  All of this– making sure the body doesn’t get stuck in routine, and plateau.

Create a program with three components:  a cardiovascular, a resistance and some stretching.  Every few weeks mix up the workouts in the three categories so that you keep maintained and getting results.

These days I mix things up all the time.  It makes working out more exciting and fun.  In fact I’m pretty sure I have abnormal amounts of fun in every sweat session at SoulCycle, Monday’s I focus on strength at Crossfit, and my stretching is done in my living room.  I lift on my own on the weekends or take a run or two during the week. Every now and then I toss in some swimming dog paddling, and next up is Pure Barre.

It’s great to be open to trying new workouts.  If at this stage you’re in the position to do one or two workout styles then you’d be best served choosing whatever is most fun for you and also strengthens your weaknesses.

  1. Brandy says:

    I agree with you Dee! I like to switch up my workouts. My number one workout is Skating. You don’t realize how far you’ve skated nor how long. Kick on some headsets and skate away is so much fun for me. Working the thighs, butt, hips and using stomach muscels and on top of that using your arms. Also, the other day while spring cleaning my home I busted out into a sweat realizing hey this is a workout. (lifting up chairs, moving couches and tables, mopping, scrubbing bath tub, you name it, it was done. Cleaning sometimes isn’t fun, but once I saw I was in a sweat it pushed me to keep going.

    • Dee says:

      Brandy you’re so right. Repeat…”Cleaning sometimes isn’t fun…” but it does give a good functional workout. Skating and rollerblading need a revival. I don’t see many people engaging in this serious leg workout… balance/cardio… I’ll dust off my rollerblades this week!

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