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8th August, 2013

Did I mention that I got really really out of shape right after I moved to LA (of all places!)?  Noooo…I didn’t tell you??  Not yet?  Ok.  I’ll spill the beans real soon.  Eventually.  One of these days, before the end of the year.

The Zoolander workout is one of those that’s great for getting back on the wagon.  All the jumping around is great for cardiovascular health, and tighting up loose ends.  What’s pretty cool is that if jumping is not an option the movements can still be done, just take the jumping out.  Do the lunge, do the squat.  And you can be sure that all my workouts have no shortage of lower body work.


Deep Squat – If you’re like me, and have a long legs (femur) then you’ll need to have a wider stance on the squat.  To get deep in the squat, feet should be placed wider than the distance between your shoulders.  Toes are diagonally turned outward.  Once you’ve got the feet placed, squat!  Drop your derriere/butt/glutes/tush as low as possible, and then stand back up.  Beginners-get as low as possible, Intermediates- get below the knees.  Go Deeeep!, and Show Offs – to the floor!  If you have a hard time getting low/deep, elevate your heels.

Sumo Jump Squat – Think, Sumo Wrestler!  Your legs are W I D E apart.  A little W   I   D   E  R.  Good.  Now squat ’till your knees and hips are aligned and parallel to the floor.  From that position, and using your legs, jump up in the air.  Let your feet land back in the WIDE stance allowing your body to return straight back into the squat.

Tiger – Think, Tiger from Winnie the Pooh!  It’s like Tiger, popping off the ground into the air.  Keep your body as tight and braced as possible, and vertical like a rocket. Pop/jump off the balls of your feet, make sure the bend in your knee is slight.

Ski Hop – Think, Skiing!  Get into the ski posture (squat and bend forward).  Good.  Hop/jump your body over to the left, land back into a ski posture.  Now, hop/jump your body over to the right, land back into a ski posture.  Hop Left Hop Right/back to Left/back to Right.

Runner’s Lunge – Think, starting out of the blocks!  When Olympic runners start a race, they start out of the blocks on the ground. The steps in a basic lunge are forward and backward.  A runner’s lunge is known for being a GIGANTIC step forward.  Imagine stepping over giant mounds of dog poo.

Side Lunge Jump – Think, Grand Canyon!  From the standing postion, and with the right leg -take a grand canyon step to the right.  (Keep your body facing front)  The left leg acts as an anchor so keep it in that stable postion with the foot flat on the floor.  Good, let’s go back to that right leg.  Bend the right knee and lower the hip ’till it’s aligned with the knee and parallel to the floor. This shifts your bodyweight over to that right – hitting your hamstrings on the back of that right leg.  The left leg now looks stretched out.  From this position, with the force coming from the right leg- jump up, let the right foot leave the floor.  Leave the left one fastened to the ground.  Land – you guessed it! – right back into that low side lunge position.

Lunge Switch – This is the basic forward lunge, with a jump and a switch of legs.  From the standing position step your right foot forward -into a lunge (right foot is in the front).  From the bottom position of the lunge (both knees are bent!) jump up and while in the air switch your legs. Land, back into the lunge.  Now the left foot should be the front foot.

Plank Abs – Think, diving board!  Sprawl out into the top position of a pushup.  Now go down onto the elbows.  Tighten/brace your entire body (calves, quads, glutes, back, abs).  The goal is to get your body into a straight line -plank, and parallel to the floor beneath you.  Now, for each rep- from the plank position rock/shift your body forward and then backward. 


Beginners – Aim for 15-20 reps each move/ focus on form/ 2-3 rounds.

Intermediates – Aim for 20-25 reps each move/ focus on the perfect rep/ 3 rounds.

Show Offs – Time it!  60 seconds each move/ do as many perfect reps in the time/ 5 rounds.


Whaaat?  You want me to show you on video?  Ok. Ok.  Soon.



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